1:1 balun alumimium housing HIGH POWER

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  • 1:1 balun alumimium housing HIGH POWER
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1:1 balun alumimium housing HIGH POWER Summary

:  1:1 balun  RF choke  high power 5 kw ..
:  contains 8 ferrite cores and a 100% line  screen  
:  built into a aluminum. housing  and potted with epoxy resin .
:  low insertion losses 

:  3 types available either  so239 to so239   so239 to binding posts (side mount)(for wire dipoles ect)
so239 to top post mount (for yagi  dipole antennas ect).

:  Tested > 200mhz  sark110 analyser.
image shows 1 balun mounted on  a yagi. Other ideal applications  are dipoles  windoms  any balanced antennas ect .
Will dramatically reduce common mode rf  radiation on transmission lines and help cut tvi.
Get the very best from your antenna system.

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1:1 Balun 5 product stars
"High quality hand made product built to last long time ,at an amazing price.This will be used to give a good radiation pattern from my yagi beam & stop RF feeding back down coax .Super fast service & Delivery.26DB617" Simon - 07/04/2013
1:1 5 product stars
"just got one of your balun 1:1 for my beam very happy with the build great product. really works well" Barry marchant - 07/19/2014